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2 years ago
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meek-nmild asked: The full cast for fifty shades of grey is already in process, I haven't heard anything about the movie lol I havent had a chance to look up anything in google. What is the lastest news so far, who is playing the main characters ???

There’s no screenwriter yet, that means there’s no cast, universal studios will be distributing along with Focus features, michael de luca productions & Trigger street. But the fans would love the idea of seeing matt bomer or Ian somerhalder as christian grey… That’s all. 

2 years ago
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high-as-a-kite-14-deactivated20 asked: I can't wait for the move, I am so in love with Christian Grey. :)

You’re not alone, baby! Haha

2 years ago
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seashellsbyyourheartsshore asked: I know your page is under construction, but, Felicity should absolutely play Ana.. It's the PERFECT match!

haha, AGREED! she’s totally ana!